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Allison Anderson is starting high school in a new town. She loves drawing and music and animals, and has a great sense of humor. In many ways, she’s like most girls. In others, she’s very different. The differences aren’t immediately obvious but have caused misunderstandings and avoidance from others in the past. She’s expecting similar experiences at her new school—until she meets the Calderas.

David Caldera, charismatic son of a local rancher, adopts Allison into his social circle. He and other new friends introduce her to their world of horses and extreme sports. They, along with a lost horse she befriends, help her to trust, gain confidence, and venture beyond her previously isolated world. She also falls helplessly but hopefully in love.

Navigating through confusing emotions, over-protective parents, and jealous classmates is difficult, but Allison’s overriding fear is losing the people she’s grown to love. To feel worthy of them and prove her determination to keep up, she enters a race—a dangerous decision that could cost her everything.

All original text and materials by or commissioned by B. B. Shepherd are copyright 2012 to China Blue Publishing.

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