Shiny New Format

If you’ve visited here before, you may notice some changes. I thought it was time for a fresh format. I’ll be tweaking things over the next few weeks. Let me know if something is out of place or doesn’t work! The Glister Journals website is getting a totally new look, so I hope to unveil that very soon.

I’ve been working through a very busy and stressful period at my job (teaching) and life in general and haven’t had much spare time or energy (and no spoons left over) to post here, but things are calming down (I think) and I hope to get back to at least one post per month, as well as book updates.

The new edition of Bronze is finished and being prepared for printing. It has a release date of April 13 so, if you haven’t already read Bronze but you plan on it, don’t buy the edition currently available. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I do think the new edition is a great improvement. I’m still considering making the paperback edition two books for several reasons, mostly to reach a wider audience and be more attractive for brick and mortar to stock (I can give them a bigger %) but that will require new covers which will take even longer. So I’m not completely decided about that. There will be an e-book edition soon, but I’m not sure exactly when that will be available. It might take the format of the paperback in two parts.

In the meantime, I’m slogging away at Book Two. I say slogging because these last few chapters are proving very difficult for me to write. They’re very personal in some ways, and not personal enough in others. There are things that need to happen and need to be said, but not a lot of time to do and say them. I’m trying to be concise without the ending feeling completely rushed. And I need to do some fact-checking, but finding the right people to do it with is very difficult.

Anyway, things are moving forward. Thank you for your patience!


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